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Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

John Wooden

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A Message from the Chairman

Welcome to Omega Life Membership Foundation, Inc. Since 1984 the Board of Directors has managed financial resources that benefit communities through Grants, Scholarships, and awards.

The focus of fund use is toward youth and teen mentoring initiatives, fatherhood programs, undergraduate summit, leadership conferences, college prep and tours to universities, colleges and trade schools.  We also support national talent demonstrations and educational workshops and seminars to name a few.

The Annual Corporate Meeting of Omega Life Membership Foundation, Inc. was held in magnificent Philadelphia, PA known as the birthplace of American Democracy on 13 July 2014.  The Annual Meeting and Memorial Luncheon had one of its largest attendances ever.  The Luncheon speaker was Bernard W. Kinsey, President and Founder of KBK Enterprises, Inc.  For the last few years he and his wife Shirley have focused their attention on the Kinsey Collection, (; their national touring museum exhibit of African American Art and History dates back to 1600.  A copy of his book can be purchased on the website, for it is sure to become a family treasure among your book collection.

Omega Life Membership Foundation, Inc. seeks your philanthropic donor support and help by asking for donations in a verity of ways, e. g. out right gifts, annual pledge, and one time gift, name OLMF beneficiary of life insurance, IRA, trust, retirement plan, or annuity.  You may also include OLMF in your Wills and Trust documents, ask your employer for matching gifts, and become involved in the Federal Combined Campaign (CFC #18833).  Thanks again and again for your charitable financial support in helping the Foundation serve more communities and program needs.

In the near future the Board will ramp up its efforts in seeking new revenue sources and partnerships to expand development of fatherhood initiatives, family support, and launch new fellowship programs in medicine, law, and education. Everyone can help by donating to these inspiring endeavors.

Best wishes,

Lewis J. Sears, Ph. D
Chairman of the Board
Omega Life Membership Foundation, Inc.

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