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...Uplift; which puts man in connection with the community in which he lives and lets him realize that he has a responsibility to those who are less fortunate than himself; that he must also do what he does with the idea of service to the community and to the nation...

Brother Bishop Edgar Amos Love

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Health, Social Action Programs, Voter Registration Education & Mobilization, and Knowmore Campaign.

Health Initiatives

All levels of the fraternity are expected to facilitate, participate and/or coordinate ac- tivities that will uplift their communities by promoting good health practices. An international committee co- ordinates and facilitates multifaceted programs of the chapters, districts, etc. Chapters coordinate programs that encourage good health practices. Programs in which members involve themselves include HIV/AIDS awareness, blood drives, diabetes awareness, prostate cancer awareness, sickle cell anemia awareness and other programs.

Social Action Programs

All chapters are asked to participate in programs that uplift their communities. Many participate in activities such as: voter registration, illiteracy programs, mentoring programs, fundraisers, and with charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Assault on Illiteracy, American Diabetes Association, United Way, and the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation.

Voter Registration, Education and Mobilization

All levels of the fraternity are expected to facilitate, participate and/or coordinate activities that uplift their communities through the power of the vote. An international committee coordinates and facilitates multifaceted programs at the chapter, district, and international level.

Stop the Violence Initiative

A Partnership with the kNOwMORE Campaign

The Fraternity is taking a leadership role in addressing and preventing violence against women and children in our community. In July 2007, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. made a pledge to work towards the prevention of all forms of violence affecting our community. To address domestic, sexual, and community violence, Omega Men are taking a critically important step by advocating throughout our communities the elimination of all forms of violence. Omega Men have pledged to mentor and educate men and women about the importance of healthy, non-violent relationships. Chapters are encouraged to develop and implement programs throughout their communities to prevent violence, encour- age respect for others and promote non-violent relationships.

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