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Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming.

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Bro. Walter "Crow" Riddick

During the 54th Grand Conclave in Houston, Texas, Grand Basileus James S. Avery appointed Brother Walter “Crowe” Riddick, Grand Keeper of Records and Seal Emeritus, as chairman of the Life Membership Program.

Walter Riddick

Brother Riddick appeared before the Supreme Court at the Pheonix Conclave to present an update progress report on the Life Membership Program.

“I would like to take the opportunity to give you some of the history linked with the Life Membership Program from its humble beginning to this moment of its thriving success. The Life Membership Program was the brainchild of our Emeritus National Secretary, Brother H. Carl Moultrie. It was voted into law at the 1958 Grand Conclave in Cleveland, Ohio. There was always the fear that such a program would destroy the local chapters but, over the years, this proved to be false. Then, during the leadership of Grand Basileus Brother James S. Avery, the big step was taken to remove it from the shelf where it was taken and was slowly dying a slow death. Your humble servant was asked by the Past Grand Basileus to chair the Program so as to revive it and to create an empowerment for Omega. This was mandatory to insure the continued life of our beloved fraternity. The fully-paid and partially-paid life members at that time numbered only 47. Today the program can boast of a full-paid membership of 264 and a partially-paid total of 78. Our original goal of 1,000 life members is in sight. I am confident that the Pheonix Conclave will generate at least 200 life members.”

The magic number of 1,000 was reached about the time that Brother Walter “Crowe” Riddick entered Omega Chapter, July 23, 1977. Out of respect for his inspirational leadership and outstanding success, the 58th Grand Conclave mandated that Life Membership number 1,000 be retired as a perpetual memorial to Chairman Emeritus, Brother Walter Riddick. At each successive Grand Conclave, a Life Membership Fellowship will be held.

Born in Norfolk, one of six children, to the late Mr. John Richard and Mrs. Elizabeth B. Harrison Riddick, “Crowe” attended that city’s public schools and later matriculated at Saint Paul College (formerly St. Paul Institute) in Lawrenceville, Virginia; North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, North Carolina; and Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia. His professional training as a funeral director was received at Echols School of Embalming in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Brother Riddick spent most of his life in service to his family, church, fraternal groups, banking, community and low-cost housing programs.

He was the founder and the first chairman of the Board of Directors of the Atlantic National Bank, a member of the Board of Directors of the Berkley Citizens Savings & Loan Association, the Virginia Funeral Directors and Embalmers Associations, the Norfolk Investment Company, the Oakmont North Corporation, and the Tidewater Area Business and Contractor’s Association.

Brother Riddick was married to Mrs. Lillie Hightower Riddick and was the father of three children – daughter, Pamela; two sons, Walter H.J. and John Richard. As a leader in his community, as a leader in Omega, and as a man, he built a legacy of honor and virtue.

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